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3 years ago
Kick that fuckin dog up and down the street
2 years ago
This dude is in so many fucking pornos, and he is the *worst* actor -- all he can do is act bewildered at *everything* -- no ability to improvise dialog whatsoever. So, everything he's in just comes off as stupid. The chick is awful too, but she's so fucking hot, it doesn't matter.
3 years ago
Shut that dog the fuck up!
Jason 1 year ago
How come people don't wear under garments in these movies. ???? And how come it's the same guy. ,,with HOW MANY. SISTERS OR mothers. ,, he's doing it with.
Good Grief 1 year ago
The acting is terrible, the DAMN DOG is loud as fuck...not bad if you watch with no sound though. Even though hearing the girls moan is one of the best parts. Not great.
John 1 year ago
Boy oh boy is she dum. ,,, " did some thing happen "??? ,,,,,, oh derrr,,
Chris 1 year ago
Holy cow she’s perfect
2 years ago
That fucking girl holy fuck, she's a living sextoy. She ruined herself with porn, could've made a man forever happy.
A Westerner 3 years ago
Stop making fun of Russian a
1 year ago